Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Burger and Dog Recipes

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  1. I just came across this site, and I am checking it through. No chance I will even see a small portion. Every link I go to, I cant get off of. SO FAR, it is the best site I have seen. Love this. THANK YOU.


  2. I just found this site, and am so glad I did!!! I can't wait to go through all of it.

  3. I recently discovered Vlasic's Bread and Better Pickles (No Sugar Added). Wonderful on burgers!

    They also make a pickle relish without added sugar which is really good.

    Love this site -- it reminds me of my mother's recipes which she got from my grandmother in Mississippi. Having a Danish mother and a southern grandmother made for some great cooking!

    -- john (MS State alum)
    Go State! :-)

    1. Isn't that just great about State this year? We are big fans here too.

      Thanks so much - when I created this site, that is exactly what I wanted to do. Everything today is hurry up, shortcut, speed it up cooking - and certainly I use that from time to time too - but I fell back into the old way of cooking after Hurricane Katrina changed my life and rediscovered "real" cooking again. That was what I wanted to revive and keep alive through my blog.

      I am a BIG pickle lover - Wickles are so expensive and Vlasic used to be a favorite for my regular pantry pickle but I was disappointed in their kosher dills the past year or so - I eat one of those most every day. I switched over to Mt. Olive and found them larger, more flavorful & fresher tasting. Mt. Olive has some very good sugar free pickles also and they've got the relish & the bread & butter ones too. They are delicious but I'll have to try Vlasic's version - I don't think that I have!


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