Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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July 2010 - Represented POM Wonderful and won in the Recipe Battle POM vs. Coach's Oats Take 2 for a savory, summer BBQ recipe using both POM and Coach's Oats. Submitted a Grilled Pimento Cheese Turkey Burger with POM Cola Glaze.


May - July 2010 - Blogger Guest Judge for RO*TEL Across American Recipe Contest

Jan 2010 - Front page featured review at Quail Ridge Press Publishers website for pre-release of Best of the Best from the Deep South cookbook.

Feb 2010 - Food Buzz "Featured Flavor of the Month" Eggland's Best Eggs for Healthier Huevos Rancheros - Recipe won a year's supply of Eggland's Eggs.

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  1. I made the Deepdish upside down pizza casserole and it was such a hit! My family and friends loved it and I will be bringing this dish to some of our gatherings.

  2. Hi ttw! That is a good one - we love it too! Thanks for coming back to let me know that your family and friends enjoyed it. That means the world to me!!


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