Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What People Were Hungry For in August

Ahhh... it might officially be summer still, but fall is in the air. At least it is food-wise, that is.

August was a popular month for folks wanting to put up tomatoes, eat peach ice cream, cook up some ribs, make watermelon rind pickles, and indulge in southern style potato salad for sure.

But... unseasonably cooler weather in this part of The South and other parts of our fine country, have had folks hankerin' for some comfort foods too. Bean dishes, soup, old fashioned chicken pot pie and even good ole chicken and dumplings were being sought after.

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  1. I think I missed a couple of those Mary I have to go back and check them out!!

  2. Every thing sounds so good Mary! We are having cooler than normal temps too.

  3. I plan to buy a box of seconds at the farmers market and try your tomato freezing technique this weekend. Thanks so much!

  4. Hello there SITSta and thanks for stopping by my blog... this all sounds great!


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