Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Squash Dressing

Summer squash is mixed with the Trinity of vegetables, cream soup, eggs and fresh bread, for a squash dressing.

Summer Squash Dressing

Here's another recipe you might want to consider for your squash bounty! It's really a basic run of the mill squash dressing that we all pretty much have, this one using fresh bread crumbs. I decided to add in a bit of& Trinity and some Cajun seasoning, just to bump up the flavor a bit.

Here's how to make it.

Recipe: Summer Squash Dressing

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  1. I LOVE summer squash, I could eat it every day. What a great dressing recipe! I like bland stuffing so I bet I would just eat it up exactly as given!

    Have you ever noticed that seed companies like to describe squashes as "meaty," but I have yet to see a steak company assure us their meat had a good, "squashy" flavor, LOL...

  2. LOL Penniwig - yeah, this was delicious but needed more punch for my taste buds so I'll jazz it up next time I make it for sure.

  3. As I enjoy squash and dressing, I'm liking that you can "marry" the two. I wouldn't have thought of it. Now when my grandma starts sending me the over-abundance from her garden in a few weeks, I'll have one more application for summer squash. Thank you!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  4. huh...very sounds really good!! What a lovely idea to combine squash & dressing. :P

  5. Hi! I just came over from SITS. Wow that looks delicious -- fattening, but delicious!

  6. That looks awesome! I've just started becoming a fan of squash..yum!!

  7. What a unique twist on stuffing. I havent tried anything like this before. Sounds yummy. I like extra punch to my stuffings also.

  8. I love squash recipes. thanks for yet another I can try.

  9. I make this with only one modification.. I use crumbled cornbread rather than the toasted regular bread. Also a bit more spicy seasoning..

    1. Exactly Claudie, but I go a step further, since the recipe was originally given to me by a cousin, who used Jiffy-mix for a bit of a sweet taste. It is really good!

  10. I use the pepperidge farms stuffing and cheddar cheese in my squash casserole and there are never any leftovers.This gives it that extra punch that ya'll are talking about.mary1day

  11. Yeah, ya know this is just a very basic squash dressing. I think it's time to jazz it up too!!

    I have always been a fan of the Pepperidge Farms stuffing mixes. They are seasoned very nicely. Even my mama used them!!

  12. Never had summer squash dressing. I think I will now! :)

  13. Try saute the squash and onion and some garlic in butter, and dash oil salt and peppar, then use STOVE TOP STOVING AND I believe sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese mix up put in casserole dish bake till bubbly and yummy

  14. Add some browned ground turkey, deer, or beef to this or some ham or bacon and make it a MEAL!


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