Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jazzmen Rice

Since that first waft of aromatic perfume I have loved Jasmine rice. The flavor, the texture, and the aroma as it cooks are just amazing, and its certainly a nice switch from regular white rice.

Typically an Asian product, and most often from Thailand, I recently learned, however, that we are growing our very own exclusive version of aromatic rice, right here in the Deep South U.S.A.! Anytime that I can purchase an American made product over an imported one, makes me happy.

The folks from Jazzmen brand aromatic rice sent me a bag to give their aromatic rice a test run and the first thing I did was steam some up to go with my after Thanksgiving Gumbo.  It certainly had all of the familiar aromatic fragrance I expected and yes, it tasted just perfect.

The next time I taste tested Jazzmen Rice, however, was isolated in a bowl all on its own - simply steaming rice, with only a bit of pure butter and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Just heaven y'all.

About twelve years ago, the LSU AgCenter started a project to increase rice production in Louisiana, and currently averages approximately 500,000 acres of rice agriculture annually, with more growth expected. For those twelve years, they have been perfecting the process to bring to the market an aromatic rice that could be grown and produced domestically and compete solidly with the Jasmine rice imports.

Jazzmen Rice, LLC, grows and harvests Jazzmen rice using South Louisiana's seed, farming and milling community. It is harvested and flash packaged in the most sanitary and temperature controlled mills of South Louisiana, ensuring that the retail customer receives the freshest and most aromatic product possible, and one that has not spent months traveling to the U.S. from Asia.

A delicious flavorful rice that is now available in many locations around the United States - Winn Dixie and Rouse's here locally both carry it. Look for Jazzmen in your local grocery store and give it a try! I think you'll love it.

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Disclosure: Jazzmen Rice provided me with a free bag of their product to try.
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  1. OMG I love the packaging!! We have a Winn Dixie here I'm gonna look for this rice. trying to keep all my dollars here in the usa. Not that I have anything against anyone but we really need it now.

  2. It sounds good, but I checked. the only way I could get it would be to order online. I still might do that after the holidays.

  3. Shoot, I haven't seen it around here. Love the logo. I want some of that TG Gumbo. :-)

  4. Hi Mary, never tried Jasmine rice, I have no idea. I'll have to give this a look see..and taste test. I have seen Jasmine rice, but not this brand up have all the good stuff in the South..the spicy,flavorful,BAM! stuff..

  5. Rose Mary/cooking in IllinoisDecember 5, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    I love jasmine rice, it is the only kind I use in cooking since discovering it about 6 years ago. I certainly will be looking for that variety just to keep my American dollars in the states. I love it so much that I purchase it in the 25 pound size. To me It smells like buttery pop corn when cooking.I live up North, I hope I can find it.

  6. Unfortunately, we do not have a Winn Dixie but I wonder if they sell it online. I am going to check. I found your blog today and so love it. Not many blogs about Southern food out there. Can't wait to read more! Angie

  7. I remember the very first time I had jasmine rice, at our favorite new found Thai restaurant.

    Since then I have been using jasmine rice for any dish that even comes in the neighborhood of Asian dishes. You just can't beat that sweet nutty flavor.

  8. It might be the best rice in the entire world, but I'm really not sure how I feel about the packaging. In this century?

    1. The man on the package is none other than New Orleans born trumpeter Louis Armstrong, who frequently signed his letters "Red Beans and Ricely Yours, Louis Armstrong.”

  9. In response to the comment made by Frances regarding the packaging "in this century?"...."Jazzmen" is the name of the rice (cool play on words by the way!)....what is the problem with having one of the most famous
    Jazz men of all time on the package?!!!

  10. Pretty cool huh Kathy?

    Aw Eva - well looks like it's making its way around the country so keep an eye out for it!

    Lea Ann, that gumbo was mighty good!

    Faith, you must try Jasmine rice - it is so fragrant.

    Rose Mary, I like to buy it at the Asian stores in the large bags too - cheaper!

    Hi Angie and welcome!

    Chris, I love it too.

    Frances, the packaging? I'm confused! Maybe you aren't familiar with jazz and south Louisiana to see the connection between the two??

    Anonymous, I agree 100% so I don't understand that prior comment myself.

  11. Best rice i ever had, it´s absolutely wonderful! and the rice alone with some butter and salt in it is a meal made in heaven!

  12. The best rice i ever had! it´s so good that the rice alone with just butter and some salt is a little meal made in heaven! And the brown rice is so nutty..use it with ed beans..yum..


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