Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grits Cakes

Remember those yummy garlic cheese grits we made last weekend? Well, we're about to turn these into some awesome grit cakes! Talk about good. Give 'em a try ... they are fantastic!

First preheat your deep fryer to 355 degrees, or heat oil in a large skillet. In a medium bowl, mix up some flour with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning.

Get out the container of leftover grits.

And slice off some of it.

Shape it however you want. I cut mine into squares and then triangles.

Dip them in the flour.

And fry! Only takes maybe 3-4 minutes or so. Be sure to drop them or just set them in the basket with some space between them because you don't want to touch them for that first minute to avoid breaking them up. You'll know when they are done when they start floating and look golden brown.

Total yum!
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  1. umm I love grits and these would be good.

  2. I didn't catch you grits recipe last weekend. We love grits, I've got some cold in the fridge right now. I'm gonna do this in the deep fryer. I usually just slice, dip in flour and pan fry, but now I have a new deep fryer I'm gonna try it this way. Thanks. And I'm gonna go check out your cheesy grits. I've got a good grits recipe you cook with shrimp. Yum. I may have to post about it. I love all your recipes Mary. You're a great cook! I bet your husband is a happy man.

  3. Thanks ladies! These are creamy cheesy delicious!!

    You know me and my deep fryer Rebel LOL... truthfully, depending on the recipe, I love using the deep fryer over pan frying because the DF keeps whatever you are cooking so much lighter. The food cooks so fast at a higher and more consistent temperature that it absorbs only a teeny amount of the oil.

    Hubs and I both are happy - we love food and we love to eat. BUT, our waistlines show it too. I haven't been following any of my food goals I planned and we both need to d-i-e-t again. I've already decided that I'm going to give up bread and sugar for lent. Yikes!!

    I would love to see your shrimp and grits recipe - hope you do post it!

  4. We use to fry grits for breakfast and smear butter and syrup on them... ;-)


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