Friday, December 12, 2008

Butter Tip - Forgot to Soften Butter?

Method to Quick Soften Butter or How to Soften Butter Fast!

Want to bake something that requires room temperature softened butter, but your's is still in the fridge, hard and ice cold? Don't fret!  But don't microwave it either!!

Break out that grater from your kitchen drawer and grate your sticks of butter on the larger holes. It's fast and it works great! Give it a try next time you find yourself short on room temperature butter.

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  1. Thanks - it's not original to me but something I picked up somewhere along the line and have used, so it works! I've gotten better at remembering to take butter out, but there have been occasions I decide at the last minute I want to bake something, so this tip comes in handy!

  2. Thanks for this great tip. I have always put butter in the microwave to softe, and it MELTS. :-(

  3. Ty! I have always set butter on stove top (not close t burner thats on buy where is warmish) while cooking & softens pretty fast but sometimes I've left too long & had a mess. Definitely going t do this!


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