Sunday, May 27, 2012

Southern Slaw Dogs with Slawsa

Slawsa Original - the gourmet topping... for everything! Perfect for those southern slaw dogs y'all!
I recently had the chance to give a condiment product called Slawsa Original a try & let me tell y'all, it is really some kind of good! If you enjoy a good ole southern slaw dog, I think you will really LOVE your hotdogs with Slawsa.

It's kinda hard to describe really, because while it's a little like Chow Chow, it's also not like Chow Chow at all, though I think it'd be perfect for beans too. A crunchy cabbage based condiment, also containing mustard, green bell pepper, onion and carrots, it's essentially a cross somewhere between a vinegar coleslaw and salsa, and it has a nice healthy kick to it too. Great for hot dogs and hamburgers, I could easily see serving it as a condiment for grilled meats, fish and chicken as well.

Slawsa is a family recipe that owner Judson Odom, from Chattanooga, Tennessee launched commercially this year from one of his mother's recipes that he says he'd been eating all of his life. "It was just something Mom dreamed up, I guess," he said. "Mom was one of those people who used to pull something out of her hat and it was always good." Odom began sharing tastes of it with friends and family, who encouraged him to mass produce the product for sale at retail outlets and Slawsa was born.

The condiment is sold on hot dogs at the Tennessee Aquarium and is also now being distributed in stores across the region, including our local Rouses and some Publix, Ingles, Krogers, Walmart and Piggly Wiggly stores. If you've got to run out for last minute supplies before your cookout tomorrow, or even for your next planned cookout, check for it on the grocery shelf somewhere around the pickles and relish. You can also check their store finder page to see if a store near you is carrying it. If not, keep your eyes open for it, because I have a feeling you'll soon be able to find Slawsa everywhere.

Slawsa comes in five flavors including Original pictured, Spicy, Mild, Garlic and Garlic Spicy. You can learn more about the product at their website or follow along with them on Facebook or Twitter too!

Disclosure: While I received a free jar of Slawsa to try, the opinions expressed are my own. I really like this product!

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