Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10+ Delicious Things to Do with a Rotisserie Chicken

A collection of chicken recipes from Deep South Dish, great for using one of those deli rotisserie chickens, or one that you've made yourself at home, like Mimi's Rotisserie Style Sticky Chicken, pictured above.

10 Delicious Things to Do with a Rotisserie Chicken

Since this time of year is a super busy one, I thought I'd bring you a roundup of some recipes that can easily start with a rotisserie chicken, whether it's one you've roasted yourself or one you picked up form the deli on the run home. Let's face it. There just isn't a lot of time or energy to spend putting together a good meal on weeknights for any of us, and certainly during the big holidays. At the same time though, when we are done with our errands and running, we really still want to relax with some good ole comfort food and not fast food.

Fortunately we can skip the drive through and, with a little help, still put together a quick meal that gets us in and out of the kitchen a little faster.  Whether it's your own homemade "rotisserie style" chicken recipe that you roasted in advance or one grabbed with a quick run through the express lane by the market, a precooked chicken can speed meal time up significantly.

Now, of course, after you pick that rotisserie chicken clean, save those bones! Bag 'em up and make a homemade stock with them when you have more time on your hands to simmer the bones, but, for now, if you're looking for a few different things to do with the meat off of the bird, here are a few recipes I have here at the site. These will help you transform a store-bought rotisserie chicken into a creation all your own, and get you where you can get the kids to bet and relax, just a little bit faster.

Start any of these with a store-bought rotisserie chicken or one that you've made up ahead yourself. Mimi's is an awesome chicken!

A little Lagniappe:

How to Make Homemade Chicken Stock
Chicken Maque Choux
Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Casserole
Hot Chicken Salad Casserole
Chicken and Cornbread Dressing
King Ranch Casserole

Plus even more Chicken Recipes you might enjoy.

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  1. Bookmarked, starred, and committed to memory!!!

  2. It's a GREAT post! I love rotisserie chicken. But you left off #11...

    Make chicken stock. That really makes a good deal a tremendous BARGAIN!!!

    Gonna be making some of these recipes soon


  3. Great ideas there. I plan to try that chicken, broccoli and rice casserole soon!

  4. Thanks Mary! I needed this one today!

    Hope you are having a peaceful holiday season!


  5. I love the convenience of a store bought rotisserie chicken. However Mimi's Sticky Chicken looks out of this world! Happy Holidays :-)

  6. Ok...I love all these links...thank youuuuuuuuuu, love, Flavia

  7. I always feel guilty when I buy one of those, but this sounds like 10 good reasons not to.

  8. I love using Rotisserie chicken! It is such a time-saver! Thanks for so many great recipes!

  9. OK...if I wasn't hungry before I stopped by here, I am now...LoL!

    I'm now craving a rotisserie chicken!!

    Chicken Pot Pie...

    and a chicken salad sammy!!♥

  10. Great post! Definitely filing these away. It's been a bit since I made your sticky chicken. I need to buy another bird!

  11. Normally I just save recipes, but I'll have to save this page as they all look delicious. I think I'll smoke some extra chix next time just to try them.

  12. Ok, if you check your visitors and see someone on here for 8 hours, that was me. I signed in this morning, started to read and got interrupted. Just now got back!

    I think my favorite is the enchiladas.

  13. May I nominate one of my favorites, geared to leftovers: Chicken Ala King. Soften some diced onion in a bit of butter. Toss in chopped up chicken, a can of cream of Mushroom soup, half a cup of milk or half and half and some frozen mixed veggies. Season as you like. For me, Worcester sauce, Slap Your Mama and plenty of black pepper are mandatory. Serve over toast points or better, split buttermilk biscuits. Dinner is served in 20 minutes flat. Not gourmet or fancy, but its quick, hearty and tasty. My mother made this often with chicken or turkey or whatever she had leftover. When you are feeding a family of five on a budget, including two teenage boys and a couple Labradors, getting a filling meal from leftovers was a real bonus.


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