Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Menu Ideas and Recipes

Check out my newly updated page of July 4th menu ideas and recipes - just pop by right here to view the list!

I can't believe that it's almost the 4th of July!!  Course the fireworks have been popping around my house ever since the stands opened a few weeks back.  Last year we had a front row seat on a boat in the Gulf to watch the Biloxi firework display and I hope the oil in the Gulf and the weather from tropical storm Hurricane Alex doesn't interfere with our view this year.

Here are a few of my favorite hand picked recipes you might want to consider if you're still looking for menu ideas for your celebration.  There's plenty more in the archives under the "Past Post Archive" over there in the right hand sidebar, and also in my e-Cookbook - though I confess I'm a bit behind in updating those manual links. 

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

More Salads

With Compound Butter Blends

More Burgers

More Ribs

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  1. OH, I love those pimento cheese sandwiches! It's been so long since I had one of those. And the potato salad looks very tasty! Blondie is allergic to pickles, which I usually put in potato salad, but this one would be just fine for him!

  2. As soon as the dairy delivers my order, I'm making the pimento cheese. Can't wait to try it!

  3. The photos are amazing. I want some fried chicken and bbq chicken and deviled eggs and potato salad and corn on the cob! Everything looks wonderful! Good thing I'm way up here in Maine, else you might find yourself with a couple more mouths to feed on the 4th!

  4. Oh, I would LOVE to try that Southern Banana Pudding! Happy 4th of July Weekend! ~tina

  5. Ohhh I can not wait to see that root beer glaze recipe. I use coke in a few marinades so I'm sure we will love it.

  6. Don't forget that Canada Day is tomorrow!! These photos are great! Good food ideas.


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