Instagram Recipes

I've enjoyed getting to know Instagram and meeting many of you there! The one thing I dislike about it though is it doesn't permit active hyperlinks anywhere but in your profile, which makes finding recipes for the photos a bit of a pain, especially on down the line. I decided to start a page where I included Instagram posts that are connected to my website, so that you could pop over and find them easier! Just click on the photo to find the recipe!

Instagram Shares

Gumbo YaYa - Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Instagram - Creamy Scrambled Egg with Herbs

Instagram - No Peek Bacony Chicken and Rice

Instagram - Okra and Tomatoes

Instagram - General Purpose Grilling Marinade on Ribeyes with Air Fryer Roasted Yellow Potatoes (Olive oil, salt, pepper, dried herbs, 400 degrees F 15-20 minutes)

Instagram - Gulf Coast Crab Cakes - in the Air Fryer! (375 degrees 10 minutes in my Instant Vortex 1500 watt air fryer oven)

The flavors of a New Year's Day meal - pork, greens and blackeye peas - in a convenient soup, in a slow-stewed and concentrated, vitamin-enriched potlikker base. Serve with skillet cornbread to complete the meal.

Instagram - Cheeseburger Bowl
Comeback Sauce OR
Lazy Man's KetMayo Sauce OR
Special Sauce

Instagram - Cheese Omelet

Rice Eggs - Several variations of these coming soon for Lent!

Instagram - Chicken and Biscuit Casserole

Fish Stew in a bowl

from Cook's Notes at link (with Butter Swim Biscuits from the Interweb)