Monday, May 16, 2022

The Dish Rewind Vol. 2 May 2022

Welcome to Vol. 2 May 2022 of "The Dish Rewind," where I highlight some of the past recipes from my many years of sharing on Deep South Dish website.

I hope you'll enjoy this new feature as well as to find some recipes that you may have missed seeing in the past.

To visit and get more details for each recipe, just tap or click on the photo or the title below. To view all of the Rewind Round-ups, tap or click on the link.

One of my favorite summer beverages is lemonade, and while there are some pretty good concentrates out there, you just really can't beat the treat of a hand squeezed fresh lemonade. Mine starts off with a simple syrup for sweetener that I think makes a huge difference in the flavor and smoothness. It is so refreshing!

Old fashioned homemade lemonade made with freshly squeezed lemons and simple syrup.

I am a big fan of asparagus and though I did convince The Cajun to try it once, most of the time when I make it it's just for me. While it's certainly available year-round, the best asparagus is found in season in the spring. I love using a butter steamed skillet method when I don't want to turn on the oven, although oven-roasted is a personal favorite too, of course! Here I'm taking asparagus cooked to crisp tender (use your favorite method), and then marinating it in an oil and vinegar seasoned dressing and tossing it with pimentos and sliced grape tomatoes. It's a great salad starter or side dish for any meal, though I can certainly make a meal out of it myself.

Fresh asparagus, cooked to crisp tender, then marinated in an oil and vinegar seasoned dressing with pimentos, and finished with sliced grape tomatoes.

When it comes to steaks, my favorite is ribeye, and it really doesn't require much in the way of a marinade, so I pretty much limit mine to a few dashes of Worcestershire, or when I have it, Hoover Sauce, a Delta product that is sold down here at the fish market I go to. Other steaks, like that sirloin pictured above, seem to need a little enhancement to me, and this one is a very nice blend of flavors.

A steak marinade made with soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce, Kitchen Bouquet, liquid smoke, onion, garlic and ginger, perfect for sirloin as pictured above.

We love to "smother" foods here in the Deep South and green peas are no exception! I mean, c'mon... a roux can enhance a lot of foods, and especially when it's a bacon-based roux, for sure. I love peas cooked this way though and I especially love this when it is made with the silver can Le Sueur Very Young Small Early Peas. So good. If you like peas to begin with, I think you will love these too and they go great with anything. Not too many years back when times were hard and payday was still a few days away, folks were known to have these peas served over a bed of white rice as a main dish for supper.

Green peas, or preferably petit pois, simmered in a light bacon and butter roux.

If you have followed this website for any length of time, you know I'm not a baker. Just never has been my thing, so when it comes to desserts, I adore any kind of icebox cake or layered dessert like this one that I call a Layered Banana Cream Pie Dessert, made with a vanilla wafer crust and layered with a cream cheese filling, topped with bananas and vanilla pudding and finished with whipped toppings.

   this dessert brings in the traditional flavors of a banana pudding and a banana cream pie, and is a breeze to throw together. Delicate, light and simply delicious on a hot summer day.