Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Online Cookbook

Welcome y'all! These are manually generated links and I do my best to get things updated at the end of each month as time permits - though lately, things are really running behind.

There is also a search bar over there on the right where you can type in some keywords, and there's a link to "Past Posts" underneath that will show you every recipe as it was posted, in date order if you'd like to browse and see the kinds of recipes I post.

Also, if you keep scrolling down the page, there are featured recipes along both sides of the web page all the way to the bottom.  Enjoy!

Please feel free to report any broken links here.


Some of the links here may take you back to the My New 30 blog where they were originally hosted. You'll have to use your browser "back" button to return here. Some may take you there, only to loop you right back here to actually get the recipe and for that I apologize in advance. Growing pains.

If you happen to hit a dead link, you can try the search box here at Deep South Dish to locate the recipe that you are looking for. It's over there in the upper left hand sidebar. I thank you for being patient with me as I work through the cobwebs.

This online cookbook is a manual creation administered by me, myself and I, and generally I try to get it indexed at the end of each month. It's all a manual process, so bear with me if I miss anything. You can also use the "Past Posts" feature in the right hand side bar to access and scan through each month's archived recipes.

Thanks for hangin' out with Deep South Dish - welcome and enjoy! Feel free to write me anytime with any questions, requests or suggestions.