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Lenten Shrimp and Egg Gumbo

Lenten Shrimp and Egg Gumbo
A shrimp gumbo, made with a roux and the trinity, and the addition of boiled eggs to stretch the meal and add additional protein for the Lenten season. Eggs may be omitted if you prefer.

Lenten Shrimp and Egg Gumbo

Egg most often appears throughout the year in a gumbo made from a hen or chicken, quail eggs in everything else often, though during Lent it's seafood. The egg stretches the meal and adds extra protein.

I based my version on a recipe from Best of the Best from Louisiana cookbook, which did not include okra, so I left it out, though certainly use some if you prefer. Some folks will argue with you that it's not a gumbo without it because they probably read that somewhere.

Let them have their way and just give them back a smile and enjoy your gumbo.
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I took my roux a little bit past the peanut butter color I usually only have patience for, to what would be more of a milk chocolate color, using a cast iron chicken fryer skillet to make the roux.

A reader was bragging on our Facebook page recently, and rightfully so, that she knew her roux was ready when it was as dark as the cast iron she cooked it in and, said she got it that way in a snap.

I can tell you that I've made many a roux, and burned a few, so I don't take my heat quite that high and I rarely have the patience to take it anywhere near that dark. A good dark roux taken low and slow the way I prefer, can take a very long time, so I rarely go there!

I also don't really like the strong flavor of a roux that dark plus the longer you take a roux, the less thickening power it has as well.

All that to say, your mileage may vary, so you do you!

Here's how to make my Lenten Shrimp and Egg Gumbo.

Though not necessary, I started this gumbo with shell on shrimp, so I made a stock from the shells of the shrimp. You certainly don't have to though! Just substitute a commercial seafood or quality chicken stock. (Kitchen Basics brand suggested)

First things first, boil your eggs if you are going to include them and while those are boiling (though I use my Instant Pot these days), head, peel and devein the shrimp and prep vegetables in advance.

Mise en place y'all!

As you clean and devein the shrimp and prep the veggies, add the heads, shells, onion skins and celery ends to a large bowl. Toss in a bay leaf.

Transfer everything to a large soup pot and top with 8 cups of water.

Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes.

Drain but reserve the liquid! You don't want to pour your precious stock down the sink accidentally. (Guess how I know?)

I put my Easy Greasy colander over my large 8 cup Pyrex cup.

Meanwhile, get the roux going by heating the oil in a large pot. I'm using a cast iron chicken fryer, which is just a large cast iron skillet with high sides and a lid and something that you should consider adding to your cast iron collection.

Incorporate all of the flour into the oil.

Once the flour is fully incorporated, keep the roux moving! I love this roux spoon.

This milk chocolate color is about the deepest I'm going with my roux today.

Add the onion, bell pepper, celery and garlic to the roux.

Cook, stirring constantly, until vegetables are tender, about 5 minutes.

Add stock to roux, a little at a time until blended well. Add seasonings and bring back to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 40 minutes, skimming off any fat or foam that accumulates.

Add shrimp and simmer for 10 minutes.

Add peeled boiled eggs and simmer 5 minutes longer.

Taste and adjust seasonings and add green onions and parsley.

Ready to serve!

Serve each bowl of gumbo over rice and with one egg per serving.

For more of my favorite gumbo recipes, check out the collection on my Pinterest page!

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