Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to Print

First things first.  If you like a recipe, but don't plan on making it for awhile, I would suggest only bookmarking it and then coming back to print it when you are ready to cook it, instead of printing it off right away and cooking it later.

Here's why.  I write a lot of original recipes.  Occasionally after publishing a recipe, I notice, or a reader tells me, that something needs clarification or correction, so I take care of it! And... sometimes when I remake some recipes, I experiment a bit, make revisions and then adjust the recipe ... if I consider it to be an improvement.  So... if you have already printed off a recipe well in advance of making it, I always suggest you pop back over to the site and look at it again before making it - just in case.

How to Print

You cannot print recipes by using your browser print function!! It will think that you want to print the entire visible website page - which will be MANY pages, often over 20!

Hands down, the easiest way to print recipes from my site is to use a simple highlight of just the recipe text, and then copy and paste into your word processing program - like Works, Word, or even just Notepad (found under Accessories). If you aren't familiar with the process, I've written some instructions here down at the bottom.

I did, however, also recently add a more printer friendly link for recipes that you will find by clicking on the words "PRINT THIS" within the recipe post.

You do not need to request access for any of these printable documents - they are already set to be viewed by anybody with the link. You can use your browser File and Print command for this document, but you do need to be able to read Adobe pdf documents on the computer you are using.

If you do not have a Google account, it does, however, require that you be able to read *pdf documents. The Adobe Reader program is safe and can be installed on your computer so that you can read *pdf documents. You can download this program from Adobe free. Just make sure you click for the appropriate version according to your version of Windows.

If you DO have a Google account, you can even save the printable documents in a number of formats, including regular ole text, if you like.

Otherwise, once you click the "PRINT THIS" link, the printable document (minus the babble and pictures) will open. If you see a printer icon click on that. If not, click on FILE and then PRINT to send it to your printer. You can also use your browser File and Print for this page.

If you are experiencing problems with this - or run across older recipes that I have not yet manually added the "PRINT THIS" button to - a simple highlight of the recipe text, copy and paste is the best way to go.

In newer versions of Internet Explorer you can also simply highlight the text that you want to print, hover your mouse over the highlighted text, RIGHT CLICK, and select "PRINT." When the print box pops up, in the PAGE RANGE box, mark "SELECTION," then click "PRINT."


HOW TO COPY AND PASTE FOR PRINTING: Left click your mouse and hold it down while you highlight only the text you want to print. Release the mouse. Place the cursor over the highlighted text and right click the mouse. Select COPY. Open your word processor program - such as Microsoft Works or Word and open NEW DOCUMENT. If you don't have a program, under your computer ACCESSORIES folder (click the start button, then ALL PROGRAMS, then the ACCESSORIES folder) you'll find a NOTEBOOK program. Then in a new document, right click, select PASTE and paste the recipe text into the new document. Then send that to your printer.


Note:  I previously had a print friendly button from an outside site but have since removed that since it did not always function well. Let's just say it wasn't so print friendly.