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The Chicken Box Restaurant Chicken Salad

A simple chicken salad made with shredded chicken, boiled egg and celery with a mix of flavorful seasonings.
A simple chicken salad made with shredded chicken, boiled egg and celery with a mix of flavorful seasonings.

The Chicken Box Chicken Salad

If you've hung around here any length of time, you already know I love chicken salad! It's a great meal any time of the year, but especially when the summer heat is on.

The one I make the most is what I call a classic deli-style chicken salad. It's a very basic chicken salad, absent all of the other goodies like grapes or cranberries or even avocado, or bacon and nuts and all the little extras we like to throw into our chicken salads these days.

Still, I'm not staunchly tied to one single chicken salad to be the one and only chicken salad, so I find myself constantly experimenting and trying new recipes, and, in fact, I've got quite a few different versions published already here at the website... and more to come!
Just a quick reminder.... if you aren't interested in the chit chat, info, photos, tips and such on a blog, as always, you'll find the complete recipe text with measurements and instructions, as well as a printable document, a little bit further down the page. Just swipe or scroll down to the bottom of the post!
One day as I was taking a break from working and swiping through social media, I saw Jamie Deen sharing a video of the chicken salad that he makes at his new grab and go restaurant in the back of Lady and Sons in Savannah, Georgia called The Chicken Box.

His recipe made a huge amount for the restaurant though, using 4 quarts of shredded chicken with 4 cups of chopped celery, 24 eggs and 3 cups mayonnaise!

Yeah. I don't quite need that much.

So, I scaled it down best I could to a more family sized version and found that I really loved it.

Though the ingredients in this chicken salad are pretty standard to many others, what sets this one apart?
  • It's very heavy in boiled eggs.
  • The eggs are grated or finely minced, rather than chopped.
  • Stick with chicken breast, rather than mixed chicken, which you can pull off of a seasoned large rotisserie or baked chicken or poach some breasts using my Ready Chicken recipe.
  • It's heavier in celery too and for texture include some of the inner leaves where possible for extra flavor.
  • Use Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt or a seasoned salt, along with black pepper and lemon pepper for seasoning.
It's interesting how subtle changes in ingredients, measurements and textures can make such a difference!

Here's how to make this Chicken Box Chicken Salad!

For this version, you'll need 6 boiled eggs, 4 cups shredded chicken and a cup of chopped celery. I often start with chicken that I've put up in the freezer from my ready chicken, this time I used meat from the breasts of a Creole seasoned rotisserie chicken that I picked up at my local Rouse's market.

For seasoning, I'm using lemon pepper, freshly cracked black pepper, and Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt because that is what Jamie uses, and it's a standard in my pantry too!

I also like and use the Mixed-Up Pepper that contains black pepper, spices, sugar, red and green sweet peppers and dehydrated onion flakes. They have other versions, including Lemon Pepper, Lime Pepper, Garlic Seasoning, Steakhouse Seasoning, Basil Seasoning and Bagel Seasoning, so check them out sometime!

Jane's contains salt, (non-specified) herbs and spices and both dehydrated onion and garlic. If that's not a product that you keep and use regularly, use a seasoned salt, or just good ole regular salt, no problem.

Give that all a toss to mix everything together well.

To dress we're using just plain mayonnaise, whatever your usual brand is.

Blend that in, seal it up, and refrigerate for at least one hour or preferably overnight.

Serve as is, on fresh bread or rolls with lettuce and juicy, sliced tomato, scooped over a bed of lettuce with crackers on the side, stuffed in a tomato or rolled in a wrap.

For more of my favorite chicken salad recipes, check out the collection on my Pinterest page!

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