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Homemade Cajun Kettle Corn

Homemade kettle style popcorn, popped stovetop in a sugared oil and butter blend and tossed with Cajun seasoning, mixed with seasoned salt and cinnamon.
Homemade kettle style popcorn, popped stovetop in a sugared oil and butter blend and tossed with Cajun seasoning, mixed with seasoned salt and cinnamon.

Homemade Cajun Kettle Corn

I am not a big fan of microwave kettle corn - it's either not very flavorful, or just too overly sweet for me. But Homemade Kettle Corn with spicy Cajun seasoning?

Count me in!

I was watching Food Network once when Melissa d'Arabian's show came on and she happened to be making some kettle corn.

When I noticed she added in cinnamon, I was intrigued!


Delicious. And, addictive!

And... believe it or not a perfect party food, since it's good warm or room temperature.
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Make some for the big game, your kids next sleep-over, for movie night, or even for your next gathering of friends, and watch how quick it disappears.

Here's how.

I'm starting with popcorn popped from kernels on the stovetop. Could you start with a bag of microwave popcorn? Or an air popper?


I don't think it would be at all the same because for this version we are actually cooking the popcorn in the sugar butter mixture and not just pouring it on the already popped popcorn and frankly with hot sugar, well, that's a little scary for me!

Let's get popping y'all!

Have at the ready a large paper grocery bag. Stir together the seasoning salt, Cajun seasoning and cinnamon; set aside.

Add 2 tablespoons of oil and 2 or 3 corn kernels in a large heavy pot, cover and heat over medium heat until you hear a pop. I'm using a stainless steel pot.

Uncover and quickly add in the butter, remaining popcorn and sugar, stir together quickly and cover the pot.

You must constantly keep the popcorn kernels moving in the fat due to the sugar in this, until popping accelerates and then begins to slow down, with a second or two delay between pops.

For a glass top stove, you'll need to use oven mitts or two potholders to secure the lid, lifting the pot off the burner just long enough to swirl the popcorn in the pot and immediately returning the pot to the burner to continue heating. You'll only need to do this until the pops become accelerated.

An original Whirly Pop popper is a great tool for glass tops too, if you enjoy making your own fresh popcorn regularly.

With a gas or coil burner, you can just shake the pot back and forth directly over the burner constantly.

Remove pot from heat and carefully pour the popcorn into the paper bag. Remember you are dealing with hot sugared popcorn so be careful!

Quickly and immediately sprinkle the seasoning salt, Cajun seasoning and cinnamon mixture over the popcorn, fold over and gather the top of the bag tightly and shake, turning upside down a few times to distribute the seasonings. 

Transfer to a serving bowl and enjoy.

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