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Forever Slaw Vinegar Coleslaw

A basic coleslaw, dressed with a sweetened vinaigrette, called Forever Slaw because of it's long refrigerated shelf life.
A basic coleslaw, dressed with a sweetened vinaigrette, called Forever Slaw because of it's long refrigerated shelf life.

Forever Slaw Vinegar Coleslaw

It's been hotter'n hot here this past week or two y'all. The Cajun and I went out shopping together yesterday and I thought I was gonna fall out from running around in the heat.

The two of us shopping together usually means that there are bigger purchases being made, or at least bigger ones than what I would typically buy off of Amazon or at Walmart, and... usually involve me needing the truck. He teases me that he's all the time driving Miss Daisy, or at least Miss Mary, which I have told him I rather like him calling me - sort of like Miss Kay. If you watch Duck Dynasty you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have a Mustang, but she's aging just like me, and since my work is from home these days, I don't use her much, which makes her a little lazy and unpredictable. The first time a car cheats on me by not running right or dying at a stoplight, I don't much trust them anymore. Plus she is in dire need of new shoes and with 17-inch low profile performance tires, well let's just say it's the Jimmy Choo of tires for that car. The truck is a big F150 4 x 4, and I'm used to driving much smaller, sporty cars, so I prefer he drive me, instead of me driving the truck. Besides his muscles are often involved and I will readily admit he is far stronger than I am.

Actually, it's my birthday month, and I am collecting on past years birthday present requests that I never received because it required my input, running around and decision-making. It's all household stuff - first a microwave, then a new recliner which is actually, like many full time bloggers, usually my blogging office. Next on the list is a new stove.

If y'all could see what I have to do to cook, you'd sure have a good chuckle, because my current slide in that is in my closet sized, overly tiny, which is why you never see it, galley style kitchen, is over 20 years old and on its last leg. Only 2 eyes work and one of those is iffy and the oven thermostat has a mind of its own and is never right. I'm am truly one of those "use it up, wear it out" types about replacing things and I have to say I have certainly used her up. I think it's time.

I did tell him this does not mean that he was necessarily off the hook for a new request for this year. Don't worry y'all, it's almost always something for the house that we need anyway, and a new refrigerator is next in line. I do like being able to say I got exactly the thing that I wanted because it was my birthday. Have y'all seen the price of a new refrigerator these days?

Anyway, despite it being 5000 degrees outside right now, before fall actually does sneak up on me, I'm gonna slide another great coleslaw in to add to your recipe box. It's a basic vinaigrette slaw that's been around since the beginning of time, made using oil and vinegar, and called "forever slaw" because it will keep for a long time in the refrigerator, even up to a month or so - not that it'll be around that long really.

It's a great slaw for eating alongside some fried chicken, a plate of ribs or a mess of fried catfish, but it's also perfect for those pulled pork sandwiches too. Most of the recipes I've run across are fairly heavy in sugar, but I think that 1/2 cup of sugar sweetens it nicely but still leaves plenty of tang. That's certainly something that you can adjust to taste if you like it sweeter, so increase that pretty much up to a full cup or somewhere in between, if you prefer a sweeter slaw. I've seen recipes that have even more than that. As always, taste and adjust!

Here's how I make mine.

Combine a one pound package of tri-color coleslaw mix with one cup of chopped Vidalia onions and a half cup of chopped green, sweet bell pepper in a large, lidded bowl. Bring dressing ingredients - vinegar, oil, sugar, salt, celery seed, dry mustard and black pepper - to a boil in a saucepan.

Pour the hot dressing over the coleslaw mix 1/3 at a time, stirring in between. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. Toss again and let come to room temperature before serving.

That's it!

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