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Fresh Hot Corn on the Cob in (about) 4 minutes, No Husking, No Silks

This super easy method of steaming corn uses un-husked corn, cooked in your microwave, and results in a clean cob with no silk left behind, and corn that is tender-crisp and ready to eat!
This super easy method of steaming corn uses un-husked corn, cooked in your microwave, and results in a clean cob with no silk left behind, and corn that is tender-crisp and ready to eat!

Microwave Steamed Corn

Let me repeat that.

Fresh, steamed, hot corn on the cob, ready to eat, with no, that's ZERO husking at all, about 4 minutes per ear (depending on your microwave), and you do not have to deal with those pesky silks that are impossible to get off!

You will have a clean cob with no work, and no silks. Okay... you might find like one single stray silk that stuck to the cob, but that will be about it. Seriously.

I know!

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just done it myself. A couple times actually thanks to snatching some fresh Florida corn at my local Winn Dixie - 10 ears for three bucks. Couldn't pass that up.

It went perfect with those gorgeous, hot and spicy crawfish we picked up at my local fish monger, Quality Seafood, the place I buy my seafood from when my hunter-gatherer doesn't bring it home to me.

Mercy those were some great crawfish.

I first heard about this last year when a reader sent me a link to a video, but then forgot about it until it was sent to me again this year.

I admit. I was certainly skeptical, but I shared it on the Facebook page, several of us have tried it and I'll be the dickens. It really does work y'all!

Unfortunately, someone has since deleted the video that was made by the elder fella who first shared this method and well, this old gal hasn't gotten into the whole video thing. Yet.

I do have to say that mine didn't quite shake out so easily like his did.

I had to sort of coax it out a little bit by squeezing it from the bottom, kinda like you would with a frozen ice pop. The fella in the video has four ears of corn out but only does two at a time, so most of us have only done one or two ears at a time also. I don't know if anybody has ventured out into doing say a half dozen of them all at once, so if you happen to try it, please let us know.

The one challenge you may run across is having to trim the bottom of the corn before microwaving so it will fit!

Since it's just the two of us now, I use this method all the time to cook a couple of ears for dinner, or when I need some corn for another recipe. Here's how simple this is.

Take your one or two ears of un-husked corn just as you buy them from the store - don't do a thing to them - and place them into the microwave, setting it on high for about 4 minutes per ear.

The actual time will depend on the wattage of your own microwave. My initial microwave wass small and not very powerful, so I went for 5 minutes for one ear, for my microwave 6 minutes is even better. My newer microwave is 1000 watts and 4 minutes works pretty well.

After it has finished cooking, use heavy oven mitts or some Ove gloves to remove the corn from the microwave and hack off the larger end of the cob with a sharp serrated knife. Remember this is very hot corn, so use your gloves while handling.

And then just shake it out of the husk. Or, if you're like me, I had to squeeze it out, and just grip it as it comes out with the other oven glove, or gently coax it out with a pair of tongs.

If it doesn't release fairly easily out of the husk either by shaking or pulling, then it probably should go a little longer, so add a minute each time you do another ear until you get the perfect ear and learn the timing for the power level of your microwave.

This is how it looks when you get it out of the husk. Is that not just crazy or what? It is literally a clean cob. I found one very tiny strand of silk on this piece. That is it!

Just in case you don't believe me - check this close up out. Gorgeous and no silk!

And, as if that's not crazy-easy enough, this corn is beautifully steamed and completely ready to eat.

It is tender-crisp, with a nice bite, and just perfect. Just add butter and salt, or whatever you want and consume, or let it cool a bit then cut it off the cob for some fresh corn to add to any dish where you'd normally use frozen or canned. Delish. Easy. Gotta love it!

Seems silly, but for the purposes of saving this to your recipe box OR pinning it, here's the "recipe!"

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