Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscar Menu Inspired by The Help

The 84th Annual Academy Awards are on Sunday, February 26th and while I'm not one to beat down the theater box office doors to catch every new movie on the big screen, I usually do watch the Oscars... very often without much knowledge about the films that have nominated. Not this year!

Y'all know that with The Help being up for Best Picture, Viola Davis for Best Actress in a Leading Role and both Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain up for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (and frankly I thought the film should have been up for Costume Design too, just sayin'), well... I'll sure be hanging around watching and rooting for my gals this Sunday! I loved The Help so much that I own not one, but three copies of the book - the original hardback, the paperback movie tie-in version, and the e-book on Kindle/iPad - and of course, as soon as it went on sale, I uploaded the movie on my Kindle too. What can I say? I loved everything about The Help.

Whether you're having a party or just want to honor The Help with a classic southern menu, here's a great collection of some of my favorite recipes from the site. Oh, and just in case you can't hang around a television on Sunday, of course, yes, there is an app for that too!

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Gotta start, of course, with our classic Elixir of the South - Southern Sweet Iced Tea, and if you've never made it, here's instructions for what I think makes a perfect glass of iced tea.

Gotta have some things to nosh on for starters, so some tea sandwiches made with our own Southern Pâté, Pimento Cheese, should do the trick.

Deviled Eggs are always a good choice for any southern meal and certainly standard fare for a party.

This Picnic Fried Chicken is perfect because you can make it up ahead, refrigerate it, and even serve it cold. It's delicious!

What goes with fried chicken better than classic Southern Potato Salad on the side? Yes, indeed.

Southern Style Baked Beans aren't just for summer barbecues y'all! They're good served hot or at room temperature, and they'd sure go great with that fried chicken too.

If you're not in the mood for baked beans, these Black-eyed Peas would go great with that chicken, or you can make pretty much any of the southern peas using this same basic method.

There has to be bread of some kind with every southern meal, and while rolls would be wonderful, and so would cornbread, I think this skillet biscuit bread would fit in just perfect.

And of course, the perfect dessert finale on a menu inspired by The Help would have to be Southern Caramel Cake.

But, if you're not in the mood for cake baking, I don't think a single soul would be disappointed if you brought out a big ole bowl of classic, Homemade Southern Banana Pudding.

And last, but not least, let's not forget cocktail hour! While there is an official Moet Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail, I think my Southern Iced Tea Cocktail is rather fitting for this southern Oscar menu inspired by The Help. I'll sure be looking forward to one!

So there you are - a fitting menu I think! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for The Help and would love to see any of these ladies win. Who are you hoping to see take home an Oscar?