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Easy Chicken and Noodles

With commercial broth and some already cooked chicken you stored in the freezer, this comforting chicken and noodle dish comes together in no time.
With commercial broth and some already cooked chicken you stored in the freezer, this comforting chicken and noodle dish comes together in no time.

Easy Chicken and Noodles

You ever go to bed feeling perfectly fine, then wake up feeling rougher than ten miles of bad road?

Well, when we have a change in the weather, that's pretty much a given with me. As I've gotten a little bit older, my body and my bones certainly feel these weather changes more. I try to remember to bump up my immune system in advance with supplements and some Airborne (affil link - love, love that stuff) when I know it's coming, but sometimes I just don't remember in time.

Course, sometimes it just happens with life too.

A week of restless sleep, going in and out between cold and heat, hanging with grandbabies and being around large groups of other children, and expending energy just tending to cleaning and doing chores, can really put a clink in the old body anymore and make me end up feeling a bit buggy some days.

While digging through and making room in my freezer recently, I ran across a couple of large bags of chicken backs, parts and pieces that I save, and figured it was stock-making time. Just smelling that stock cooking on the stovetop put me in the mood for some healing chicken noodle soup, but as I often do, I switched gears in the midst.

As a blogger of food recipes based on what we eat in our house, I often make the same dishes over and over just like any other home cook. For those of us who frequently write our own recipes, we also like to take these opportunities of cooking to bring new ideas and recipes to our readers in the form of something new that we can publish too.

What started as a thought of chicken noodle soup, quickly turned to something more like a creamy soup.

Then I thought I would change the noodle up a bit from my usual egg noodle.

Then I thought of one of my favorite comfort food meals - Homestyle Chicken and Noodles.

Then I decided to transform this creamy base into a sort of shortcut chicken and noodles and viola, this recipe was born!

Yep, that's how the old brain works sometimes!

Better Than Bouillon {affil link} is a product you see me mention often here on my site, and it's a pantry staple for me, though I often do list it as an optional ingredient in my recipes. It is a wonderful flavor enhancement, especially when using a commercial broth as opposed to a homemade stock, and I love to use it as a flavor booster.

I am not at all surprised to see all the new concentrated stocks in the stores now, because that's pretty much what Better Than Bouillon is - a super concentrated product. It is not a necessary ingredient of course, but I think it adds a great deal of "homemade" flavor, and you can, of course, use those as the substitute for commercial broth here as well.

I also love Barilla pastas {affil link}. They are a consistent, quality dry noodle product, so when I saw this cut spaghetti on the store shelf one day, I grabbed a box figuring somewhere along the line I'd come across a use for them for soup or something.

Simply uniform, broken pieces of very thin spaghetti noodles, they were perfect for this dish, but it wouldn't be much more to just break up the dry noodles yourself either, or just use your favorite pasta, though I do suggest using something like a Pennsylvania Dutch style of fine egg noodles {affil link}, or something along that line.

I love my homestyle chicken and noodles, but it's a little more effort than I want to put out when I'm feeling less than stellar and a bit under the weather. This recipe will do just fine for those days. I hope that you also enjoy giving it a try.

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