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Southern Fried Pork Chops

A southern favorite, bone-in pork chops are simply seasoned, breaded and deep fried. Super yummy when served with a peppered milk gravy or a drizzle of honey mustard meat sauce.

Southern Fried Pork Chops

Fried pork chops are southern style comfort food, and when I've had a busy life going on, there's nothing better or easier. The Cajun loves pork chops cooked this way, and I enjoy watching him chomp down until the bones are picked clean. I may have indulged on a few bone pickin' sessions myself over the years. You truly cannot help yourself!

I'm pretty partial to my smothered chops, or pork chops baked with onion, oh heck, who am I kidding, just about any pork chop really, but I'm pretty sure fried pork chops are The Cajun's favorite way to eat a chop, whether they're deep fried or pan fried.

Southern style pork chops are intended to enjoy with your fingers, so choose chops that are bone-in for this recipe, not only because they are far more flavorful, but also so that you have a handle for holding. You'll also want chops that are not too thick, or they'll take far too long to cook, so save those thick ones for stuffing or grilling. You don't want super thin breakfast chops either though, so look for bone-in chops that are somewhere around 1/2-inch thick.

These little nubs of flour are the hallmark of a southern style pork chop breading.

You can cook these either in a large deep skillet with plenty of oil, or in a deep fryer. I personally prefer the deep fryer since it fries so clean and quick with little oil retention. Fry in batches to avoid overcrowding and hold the chops on a rack over a baking sheet with your oven at the lowest setting, until they are all done.

Here's how to make them.

These are also delicious served with Peppered Milk Gravy made using some of the frying oil, or drizzled with a Honey Mustard Meat Sauce drizzled over them. Click Here for some helpful tips to keep your coating on when frying foods.

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