Sunday, June 21, 2009

The First Tomato of the Season

While I confess, I have plucked a couple of the small Romas to toss in a salad here and there, and I did have a few Fried Green Tomatoes too, and I considered having a salad or sandwich with the first of the bigger tomatoes. But ... I could really think of no better way to honor the very first big tomato to ripen from my garden than to eat it, straight up, unadulterated, but for kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and a dab of real mayo on the side.

Homegrown tomatoes simply put grocery store tomatoes to shame. The aroma and flavor is just amazing... so juicy, so tasty. There just ain't nothin' like it. Mm Mm Mmmmm. I sure hope y'all planted some this year!!