Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homemade Pistolette French Rolls

I am soooooo grieving my sweets.

And I have so many to share with y'all too! Most southern style sweets these days have shortcuts like using boxed cake mixes so they are just super easy breezy to make and, well, they are downright tasty ya gotta admit. But... we'll get back to those after Easter, promise.

But... do you know that I near about also gave up bread for Lent???!!!???? Can you imagine?

What was I thinking? Not doing sweets and desserts has been difficult. Very hard. I miss my sweets!

But if I had to give up bread too at the same time?? Ayiyiyi... I love the Lord, I do .. but I would be SO miserable and you know what they say.

If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Anyway, I had a taste for some of my homemade yeast rolls so I whipped up a batch of them. Now yes, I have posted about these before, but I tell ya, they are worth a repost. I can't tell you how many recipes I tried and adapted and tried and adapated before I finally came to this one that I consider the perfect-for-me French roll.

If you arrived here off of a web search I apologize for givin' ya a repost and yet another link to click through, but forgive me cuz if you're looking for a French roll, this is the recipe for you! They really aren't a lot of trouble and they are sooooooo good, like a little mini French bread pistolette roll - those of you from the south know exactly what I'm talkin' about! The rest of y'all can just call them French rolls and that'll be just fine. Make 'em smaller (or don't!) for a great roll for dinner, or just do the larger dozen for sandwich rolls.

These are delicious just plain with a slather of Land O'Lakes pure butter on 'em, they're great for any kind of deli meat, they wrap like pure heaven around some of those leftover boulettes...

...and they are especially perfect to make up some stuffed pistolettes (y'all knew that recipe was coming up didn't ya??!).

However you wanna eat 'em, I sure hope you give 'em a try!!