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Classic Old Fashioned Southern Pecan Pie

It is no secret that we love our pecans down south and we use them everywhere, but the king of pecans is found in the simple, classic, unadulterated southern pecan pie. Follow these tips for the perfect pecan pie!

Perfect Southern Pecan Pie

Ah, southern pecan pie - a classic no doubt.

It is no secret that we love our pecans down south. We use them on top of pies, in the crusts of pies and of course, in pies.  We use them as a topping, in cookies, and even in cookies you might not expect them in. We make glazes with them, put them in cranberries, and even add them to pasta! Heck, we even put 'em on bacon.

I could go on. All I can say is thank goodness they are plentiful down here!

But truly, the king of pecans is found in the simple, classic, unadulterated southern pecan pie.

I think a lot of people end up with runny pecan pie for a couple of reasons. 

Too much butter, overbeating and impatience to name a couple. 

I assure you, this pecan pie is fail proof, it really is!

Just make note of the tips, don't make adjustments in the ingredients and your pie will be a perfect pecan pie.

Now, there are all sorts of variations of pecan pies out there that use different ingredients - adding chocolate, whiskey, bourbon, coconut and a wide range of add-ins.

This recipe here is just good ole, classic and plain, old fashioned, southern pecan pie, based on the old Karo syrup recipe from a hundred years ago, but, of course, with my own twists, tips and pie success variations!

I've also included some of the most popular variations.

I've also included a cooked filling variation in the notes.

Cooking the filling changes the texture a bit by dissolving the sugar and making for a smoother filling, more gooey and custardy in a way, almost caramel-like.

The filling is also a little richer in flavor from cooking it.

You can also sub in rice flour in the original version to adapt that along with a gluten free crust for that variation.

A lot of folks decorate the tops of their pecan pies with whole pecan pie halves, but I like using the chopped pecans personally. They float to the top as they cook and to me that's pretty enough, and they make the pie much easier to cut than one topped with whole pecan halves.

You can use the pecan halves arranged nicely on top instead though, if you prefer.

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