Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Few Christmas Cookies & More Coming Soon!

I apologize for the quality of this picture, but this was taken when I had baked cookies and put together mugs of packaged candies for some of hub's friends back in 2006, so it was before I had my Canon Rebel XTi which I love, love, love. So the pics on the links are also pretty awful, but at least they will give you an idea of what these cookies look like anyway.

I'm going to start posting some picture-less Christmas cookie and candy recipes in the coming days, but I wanted to repost those cookies up there too since I promised a friend I would. These are for your Diana and are three of my favorite Christmas cookies.

this Christmas I am on a quest to do some hand decorated cut out cookies (wish me luck!) so whether I actually get to making any other kind and getting pictures up or not is yet to be seen, but since I want to join all of my recipes here with all of my go-to recipes, I'm gonna post them without pictures just so they will be in one place and handy. Course if those cut-outs are a disaster, this here is the last word you'll ever hear about them!

Pecan Crescents were my attempt to duplicate my mother's Finger Cookies, though they do sound better as crescents. I did shape these into crescents. I think they must've picked up the finger cookie name when folks stop bothering to curve the cookie into a crescent shape and I guess somebody said "hey... those look like fingers!" I have since found my mother's recipe handwritten in the back of one of her old cookbooks, but it is a big batch, so I may stick with these because they were very good. I've seen this pecan cookie recipe used at Halloween with food dye and made to resemble witches fingers.

I love coconut so these
Jam Thumbprint cookies are one of my favorites and often show up on the Christmas goodies table. They are simply delicious!

And last of this repost round are the
Chocolate Snowcaps. I love how the powdered sugar pulls away as the cookie bakes and creates a cracked pattern on the surface. They are also delicious.

As I mentioned, I will be posting some other recipes without pictures and of course I'll update them with pictures if I get around to making them, so be on the lookout. In the meantime I hope you give these a try - and please, come back if you would and let me know if you liked them. Enjoy!