Tuesday, January 1, 2008


A collection of recipes using strawberries from Deep South Dish blog.
We are so lucky to have such a long season for strawberries here in the Deep South, beginning as early as March and in some years, January and February, with Florida and Louisiana berries. We grow them here in Mississippi too of course, though they are mostly available at farmer's markets, fruit stands and pick your own farms, rather than mass produced for retail outlets here. By the time the rest of the country, and really, the rest of the south start getting berries, we're already on California berries here in Mississippi.

Here in my house, we eat them mostly freshly washed and unadorned, but on occasion, it's nice to throw some in a pie, cake or salad. Here are some of my favorites.

A light dessert, with layers of homemade egg custard, macerated strawberries and a little bit of warmed strawberry jam.
A simple, light dessert, with layers of homemade egg custard, macerated strawberries and a little bit of warmed strawberry jam.

A punch bowl cake made with fresh and frozen strawberries, layered with angel food cake, a cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk filling and garnished with a bit of shredded sweet coconut and finely chopped pecans.

A dense, lightly sweetened cake, perfect for sugar sweetened strawberries and whipped cream.
A dense, lightly sweetened cake, perfect for sugar-sweetened, syrupy strawberries and whipped cream.

Cherry Berries in a Cloud, a vintage dessert that begins with a baked meringue shell, is topped with a cream cheese, whipped cream and marshmallow layer and finished with a cherry and strawberry pie filling.

I took two great Southern classics, Frozen Strawberry Dessert and Strawberry Pretzel Salad, and combined elements of both to make this Frozen Strawberry Pretzel Salad, made with cream cheese, frozen strawberries, banana, pineapple and whipped topping on a salty, pretzel crust.

A no-bake, icebox dessert, layered with a mix of cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk and pudding, sandwiched between sheets of graham crackers scattered with a mix of fresh berries, and topped with whipped cream.

Strawberry Spinach Salad with a crunchy ramen and nut topping and dressed with a creamy mayonnaise-based poppyseed dressing.

The classic, old fashioned "Cuppa" cobbler, made with fresh strawberries.

Sugar macerated strawberries served over homemade cream biscuits with homemade whipped cream.

A layered dessert, made with a buttery shortbread crust, topped with a cream cheese and whipped topping layer, a layer of fresh or frozen strawberries and finished with more whipped cream and chopped nuts.

A little cool slice of heaven is found in Rose Mary's Frozen Yogurt Strawberry Pie. It's perfect for your next gathering!

Take our well-loved, made from a mix strawberry cake, add the usual strawberries and strawberry gelatin, but bump it up a level with toasted pecans and coconut, and you've got one delicious dessert y'all!

Often called Banana Split Cake, this layered dessert has the same base ingredients from a banana split but in a convenient and well loved layered pan dessert.

A granita made from juiced watermelon and strawberries and frozen and scraped, for a tender, icy and cold treat perfect for summer.

Take lime and mint, the classics of the mojito, and combine them with strawberry and watermelon, for a cooling summer beverage.

Fabulous southern sweet tea infused with strawberry!

A delicious and easy sherbet made with buttermilk and fresh or frozen strawberries. You will love this one.

A strawberry fan is such a pretty garnish and they are really much easier to make than you think!

Super easy to make, using fresh or frozen strawberries and frozen lemonade concentrate, it's sure to become a spring and summer favorite!

A well loved pie, reminiscent of those served at Shoney's restaurants, made with fresh sliced strawberries and set with the help of strawberry jello and a secret ingredient.

A easy layered dessert, made with cake, pound cake or angel food cake and a filling made with strawberries, whipped cream, cream cheese and condensed milk.