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Hey y'all! I'm Mary, the publisher and author of DeepSouthDish.com, an online blog about Southern cooking.

I'm not a classically trained chef. I'm not a professional food stylist or photographer. I carry no food pedigree. I'm simply a home cook, just like you, who learns things through mistakes and trial and error, just like everybody else. I just happen to share those lessons by teaching what I do and sharing photos of what I make at a blog on the internet. My experience in the kitchen is built upon the same sentimental bones of memories that so many of yours are.

Deep South Dish publishes about 3 to 4 unique recipes a month, sometimes more, rarely less. After many requests by faithful and persistent readers of this blog, I published my first cookbook, Deep South Dish Homestyle Southern Recipes in May 2015. It's a compilation of the most-loved and top southern favorite recipes, including several that are cookbook exclusives.

Site Statistics:

Page Views: 1.9 million/month
Unique/New Visitors: 500K/month
     -Best Southern Recipes from the Deep South: 746K
     -Deep South Dish Recipes 174k
Pinterest: 61K

I am passionate about the blogging community and helping new bloggers succeed by paying forward my successes. Best Southern Recipes from the Deep South on Facebook was my first Facebook page, sharing recipe links daily exclusively from my blog. Because I wanted to pay it forward, when I reached 100k readers on that Facebook page, I continued to share at least 3 links to my personal blog daily, but opened the page up to sharing a variety of links from other blogs across the net, especially from other Southern food bloggers. The Facebook page Deep South Dish Recipes, was started at that point to share only my own recipe links, leading to my blog.

     *A Unique Visitor can be defined as a new person who visits a site at least once within the month being researched as is the most accurate measurement of traffic. The Unique Visitors metric only counts a person once no matter how many times that person visits the site in a given month.

Contact Mary:

Email: mary@deepsouthdish.com
Twitter/Instagram: @deepsouthdish
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernRecipes and https://www.facebook.com/DeepSouthDishRecipes

Work with Mary:

For past work and information on working with me, please visit this page. Any inquiries should be sent directly to Mary at mary@deepsouthdish.com Please note that any sponsored content on Deep South Dish is compensated.

How it started:

Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast with a vengeance in 2005 and after a long and successful legal career, spanning more than 20 years, I found myself without a job after the corporate legal department where I had spent much of that time, uprooted to relocate out west. With a 50th birthday on the horizon, and economic strife across the country, finding comparable work was a difficult task. No one was hiring so I turned my talents toward something that I had always loved to do. Cook.

After having lost my parents not too many years before and along with the loss of a longstanding career, the daily connection and camaraderie with my coworkers and now, the physical and emotional devastation of Katrina that literally surrounded me everywhere I looked, I felt a certain indescribable loss, emptiness and aloneness. One day while searching the internet, I discovered the world of blogs, and having always held an equal love for writing and journalism, soon after, started my own general interest blog, sharing my daily life and experiences, and in that, finding a connection of friendship with others across the world.

As a working mother and wife, I had used shortcut appliances and convenience products like everybody else to get meals on the table, but as I reconnected with the kitchen, creating and making recipes the way my mother and grandmother had, I found a certain peace and solace in the process of cooking the old-fashioned way. As I began sharing memories and writing about favorite family recipes and the dinners I was making every day on my blog, I felt comfort in the memories of the emotional connection with my mother and grandmother. It was as if they were in the kitchen with me.

Soon after, the recipes and memories began to take on a life of their own, and in 2009 I founded Deep South Dish, a website dedicated solely to my homestyle recipes and writing. Day after day, I began to receive letters from readers sharing how this website was like sitting down with a friend and reviving shared memories of times in their own loved ones kitchens growing up. One made a recipe for residents of a nursing home, others made them for their own parents, and saw tears roll from their eyes as they were brought back to a now faded, past memory. Others wrote that as they took the first bite, they were immediately transformed to childhood and being at the table with their beloved grandmother and the affectionate memories associated with those days. Another wrote how he had reconnected with his own past while bringing my Sunday dinners back, helping to help teach a foster child the same emotional connection he had had with his own family during those dinners and creating new ones to anchor his new life.

It was the winds of a hurricane that literally blew the Deep South Dish blog into existence, and as the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. Through loss there is often found purpose and redemption. I knew that I had found my calling in sharing my memories and recipes at Deep South Dish. Today, literally millions of readers visit the blog on a regular basis and they continue to write, thanking me for giving them the inspiration to return to the kitchen to connect to their own past, for helping to teach them to cook like their grandmothers, sharing their own memories they recalled as they cooked the recipes, and ever encouraging me to never set the pen down and to continue to share my food, family and memories with the world.

I started this blog and from day one I put my heart into it. I've worked as hard at this as I have anything in my life and I am so grateful for those of you who have shared in this experience and supported me all along. These recipes are my heart and soul, and I hope that you get as much pleasure from cooking them for your family, as I have for mine!

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