Friday, March 4, 2011

Cooking with Kids - Fruit Pizza!

Today we're turning the kitchen over to the kids to show you how easy it is to get even the littlest ones into the kitchen for some cookin' fun with Rhodes Bake N Serve frozen bread dough!

Available on the Rhodes Bake N Serve Website
This is the cutest cookbook - loaded with 48 ideas for working with Rhodes dough to make all sorts of different bread sculptures with the kids, like the one you see on the cover above. There is a picture of the finished product, and easy illustrations to show you how to get there step-by-step for creations like Betty Butterfly, Freddy Frog, Waffle Wiggles, Texas Turkey, Busy Bees, Halloweiners, and Frosty the Doughman. Good ole classics like My Personal Pizza, Baked Bread and yummy French Toast, are just a few more of the kid-friendly creations you can make and bake with your own little sous chefs.

Chef Brian rolling out the pizza dough
A lot of southern cooks love using Rhodes dough, and I am certainly one of them.  It makes a fantastic loaf of bread or pan of delectable rolls (that can fool just about anybody to thinking they are your own homemade from scratch creations), it's also a mighty convenient dough to use for recipes, where it really shines.

Chef Ben posing with the final product!
If you visit here regularly, you have probably seen a few Rhodes recipes make an appearance because I just adore their products!  I mean yeast rolls with homemade flavor, but without all the trouble? I'm thinking even my Mama probably managed to sneak some of those by us a time or two.  But, it really rocks for recipes like this Sausage Cheese Bread - one of my favorites. The filling is just wonderful and wrap that in some bread dough? To. Die. For!  Super Easy Cinnamon Rolls? Not a problem and delicious!  And we all love good ole Butterscotch Pull Apart Bread.

I'm thinking Chef Sarah had fun too don't you think?
There are a lot of options for using their dough to create fun recipes in the kitchen with your children and the cookbook is a handy way to have them all in one spot. You can get it right from the website for only $9.95 for the softcover version pictured above.  Hey while you're there, check out the new Home Baked Family Favorites cookbook for the same price too! (You'll be seeing another Rhodes recipe showing up from that one in the near future.)

My grandson in his happy pose - what a fun time!
Looks to me like the kids really enjoyed themselves!  Well, let's see what mom reported:

The kids really enjoyed the fruit pizza making experience and it was very tasty.

We started by letting the rolls rise and then rolled them into a pizza shape. Although we didn't get the dough to roll out quite as flat as I would have liked it, the pizza still turned out great.

The fruit was the fun part because the kids would eat some, put some on the pizza, eat some more, put some on the pizza, and so that was pretty entertaining!

The best part was how excited the kids got when I told them the pizza had sat in the refrigerator long enough and it was time to eat!

This was a very fun and tasty activity for the kids, thanks so much!

Sounds like they had fun, and I think they did a great job, don't you?

You can get the recipe for the Rhodes Fresh Fruit Pizza right here. You'll need 9 Rhodes Dinner Rolls or 6 Rhodes Texas Rolls, strawberry cream cheese spread, milk, sugar, a little bit of whipped topping and your choice of fresh fruit. That is it!

Hey, Mardi Gras is around the corner y'all and while it's not gonna be exactly like our beloved pastry dough down here, they've got a great shortcut King Cake recipe on their site, and you know it's gonna be good! I highly recommend adding a fruit filling (1/2 can to 1 can of your favorite pie filling) on top of that cream cheese.

What's your favorite recipe using Rhodes Bake N Serve frozen dough?

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of Kids Ideas with Frozen Dough and Home Baked Family Favorites cookbooks, plus coupons for Rhodes Bake N Serve frozen dough.
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  1. I make this with sugar cookie dough (from the refrigerator section) as the 'crust.' Just divine!

  2. Cutest children ever!

  3. Get them started early, teach them well, and they will thank you the rest of their lives. Good looking pizza - it's a favorite of ours.

  4. Mary your grandkids are darling. Your granddaughter really resembles you! Haven't tried Rhodes fresh dough as of yet, will have to try out.

  5. Mary,

    Please contact me by I have something I wanted to share with you and I can't find an email address on your site. I'm Jackie from Syrup and Biscuits.

    Thanks, Miss Mary!

  6. Mmmm, Mary, even we adults love fruit pizza! I haven't had one in years! Yummy stuff!


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