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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chocolate and Pecan Dixie Pie

A classic southern pie, made with chocolate and pecans and affectionately known in the south as Dixie Pie is sure to please!

Dixie Pie

This is another one of those classic southern pies that's been around forever - and one that everybody has a slightly different version of; some use corn syrup making it similar to pecan pie, some use more eggs and make it more of a custard pie. Some use coconut, or raisins, or walnuts, or some combination of any or all of the above! And some, well, they add a nip of bourbon too.

In fact, if you use change the sugar to 1/2 granulated sugar with 1/2 brown sugar, add a nice hefty splash of Kentucky bourbon to the filling, and fold in the pecans/walnuts and chocolate chips with the pie filling and pour everything mixed up into the pie shell, you might have something fairly close to a copycat Kentucky Derby Race Day pie.

I like this version because to me this is simple and classic and I prefer both of those. A thin layer of chocolate on the bottom, topped with a filling that is reminiscent somewhat of a blondie and then a top layer of crunchy, toasty pecans. Helloooo darlin'.

And so easy! You don't even need to break out the mixer for this one - everything can be stirred right up in one bowl and and then poured over a pie crust topped with chocolate chips. And you can simplify it further by using a premade pie crust. I highly recommend Pillsbury.

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