Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally... The Secret is Unveiled!


You know how hard it is to keep a secret?  Well, I have been chomping at the bit to share this tidbit of news with y'all what seems like forever, and thank goodness the day has come that I can finally shout it from the rooftops!

It's no secret that RO*TEL is a regular pantry item in my house.  Ya'll see it here all the time. Besides the original Famous Queso Dip (and all its wonderful variations) we all know and love, I also use RO*TEL in a white dip made with white cheeses and spicy sausage, in casseroles like Baked Spaghetti where it bumps up the flavor, in potatoes, pasta sauce, soups, stuffed peppers, well, I could go on and on. I just love the way that RO*TEL adds a punch of extra flavor, and today we aren't limited to only the Original RO*TEL either, with varieties like Mild, Chunky, Mexican, Hot and even Chili Fixin's!

Well, the folks over at RO*TEL are conducting a fantastic recipe contest where one of you could be the big winner of the grand prize of $2,000 for your best recipe using one of those RO*TEL products - and ... they have asked me to be their guest judge. I am so excited! 

I'll be working with RO*TEL to analyze recipe submissions, give a few of them a round in the kitchen, and help come up with a group of ten finalists!  Now I already know that there are a bunch of great cooks that are readers of Deep South Dish both right here and at the Facebook page, and how many of you couldn't use a little extra money in your pocket to celebrate your deliciousness?

Here's how it works.
Pop over to the RO*TEL Facebook page and join by clicking on the "Like" button, or you can do it all over at the RO*TEL Across America Recipe Contest page. Just click to join, browse the submissions, read the rules, and get your creative juices flowing for your own submission. Don't be shy y'all - sometimes it's the simplest ingredients that make up the best recipes - so if you don't already have a RO*TEL specialty, get busy thinking one up! 

You can pick up all of the complete rules and details at the RO*TEL Across America site, but in a nutshell, recipe submissions will be accepted at the site beginning today, May 12th through June 13th, and will be rated on creativity, presentation and, of course taste!  And get this ... you can enter as many times and categories as you like, so long as the recipes you submit are your own creation! The judging process will end with ten finalists selected from all submissions and then everybody at the RO*TEL Facebook page will help select the winning recipe beginning on June 16th, with the final winner announced on July 7th.

There's 2,000 darned good reasons to to showcase your cooking talents and just in time for summer vacation too!  What are you waitin' for -  y'all get busy and break out some of those RO*TEL family favorites - I can't wait to see what's cookin'!!  Good luck!

Disclosure:  ConAgra Foods has provided me with compensation in exchange for agreeing to participate as a guest judge.  

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  1. WooT! Thanks for this updated. And your white dip is making me drool all over my keyboard. Going to hit my chop shop (my name for the kitchen) as soon as I can get my hands on some ROTEL!! ^_^

  2. Congratulations on your judging duties! I am sure you will do a great job!!

  3. Congratulations, Mary! You'll do an amazing job.

  4. I might have to enter this one, I love Ro*Tel. I can't wait to just try the finalist's recipes.

  5. Congrats!!! I love Rotel too.

  6. Congrats on getting to be a judge, now I'm off to put my cooking hat on! anne

  7. My mama is the cook in our fam and she loooooooves to use Rotel!

  8. Congratulations! How exciting!!

  9. I have to get my creative juices flowing for sure. You are famous! Hurray for you for being chosen as a judge.

  10. Thanks everybody!! Now get those thinking caps on and get some recipes up!

  11. This is AWESOME! Congratulations! Now I've gotta start dreaming up recipes. Love Rotel.

  12. WOW Mary you're really famous - Congrats! Who better to judge than you, the queen of Rotel:) I use it in tons of dishes, except maybe a fruit dish :)

  13. Awesome! I'll have to try to come up with a recipe. :) I'm going to go browse other peoples recipes right now. *lol*

  14. What would we do without Rotel? Thanks for visiting my Gumbo Writer blog. I passed on your invite to submit that okra & tomato recipe to the originator. :)

    Rotel - Ca c'est bon!!


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